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Where Pets Come First

At West Coast Vetcare, we believe that the key to your pet's good health and well-being is prevention, early detection and intervention. We provide wellness check ups, vaccinations, and advice on nutrition, environmental enrichment and behaviour modification.
We take a holistic approach in the treatment of our canine and feline patients by tackling an illness from the root cause rather than the symptoms alone.
We also believe in good communication and aim to work with you to meet your pet’s healthcare needs. Our team is made up of compassionate veterinarians, skillful and caring nurses, and service oriented frontline staff.
We are here because we care for your pets and want to help them live contented and healthy lives. We recognize that they are part of your family and that you want to do what is best for them.

Yorkshire Terrier at West Coast Vetcare Singapore
Vet Holding Cat at West Coast Vetcare Singapore


At West Coast Vetcare, we believe in integrity, empathy and respect. We are here to provide the best possible care for all animals.

We do this by:

  • Practicing high quality medicine and surgery, and keeping abreast of current diagnostics and treatment.

  • Treating your pet with respect, compassion and care.

  • Ensuring that you and your pet have a pleasant experience at our clinic.

  • Implementing a NO EUTHANASIA policy unless it is medically warranted.

  • Being socially responsible by availing our services to shelters and participating in public awareness events.

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